The War of Independence in County Clare

David Fitzpatrick’s Politics and Irish Life, 1913–21: provincial experience of war and revolution (1977) reassessed
In association with Clare County Library 

recorded @ Temple Gate Hotel, Ennis on Saturday, 14 Sept 2019 at 2pm

The untimely passing of Prof. David Fitzpatrick (TCD) earlier this year provided an opportunity to reassess his ground-breaking 1977 local study of County Clare, which was to become the template for many similar local studies of the War of Independence. How does it measure up to the intervening 42 years of scholarship, in particular the release of primary sources such as the Bureau of Military History and the Military Service Pensions Collection? 

To discuss this and related matters History Ireland editor Tommy Graham, was joined by  Pádraig Óg Ó RuaircEve MorrisonCécile Gordon and Tomás Mac Con Mara for a lively debate on the subject. 

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