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The Emigrant’s Song: the impact of Irish music on American culture

Atlantic Aparthotel, Bundoran, Co. Donegal
Sat 17 Jan @ 3pm
From Ulster Presbyterian emigration in the eighteenth century to the Appalachians and the Ozarks—and the subsequent evolution of country and bluegrass—to Irish Catholic emigration in the nineteenth century to Boston, Chicago and New York, waves of Irish emigrants have had a huge effect on the evolution of music in America, including cross-fertilization with blues and jazz (and later provoked, ironically, in the twentieth century, an anti-jazz campaign in Ireland). This in turn had an impact on the advent of rock and roll and its evolution from blues with the subsequent impact on popular culture, including in Ireland. To discuss these and related questions join History Ireland editor Tommy Graham and a panel of experts: Mick Moloney (NYU), Marc Geagan (Northwest Regional College, Derry), Charlie McGettigan (1994 Eurovision winner), Rory Corbett (NUI Galway) and John Dempsey (Texas University).”