Glasnevin in 1916; 1916 in Glasnevin

@ Glasnevin Museum, 2pm Sunday 10 April 2016

Over the course of the Easter 1916 Rising in Dublin nearly 500 people were killed, half of them civilians. Most of them were buried in Glasnevin, the city’s largest cemetery. What were the practicalities involved in coping with the extra intake? Who ended up being buried there and how were they subsequently commemorated (or not in some cases)? To discuss these and related questions join History Ireland editor, Tommy Graham, for a lively round table discussion with Conor Dodd (Glasnevin Trust), Joe Duffy (Children of the Rising: the untold story of the young lives lost during Easter 1916), John Gibney (Glasnevin Trust/TCD), and Liz Gillis (Women of the Irish Revolution).

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