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Welcome to the History Ireland blog. As eager readers of the magazine are painfully aware, History Ireland is a bi-monthly publication. To stop the wailing and gnashing of teeth that accompanies the inevitable wait for the next issue, we’re launching the blog on our brand spanking new website in order to keep abreast of all kinds of matters historical. And our readers have a role to play here too: if there is anything that you think we might be interested in (images, events, whatever), and which could be broadcast to the world via the blog, let us know. Ideas for short (3-500 word) blog posts – articles, reviews, commentaries – are also very welcome. Last but not least, we want the blog to become a forum for the kind of vigorous debate that has characterised our letters pages over the years. Registered users can comment on any of the articles that might appear on the blog.

We will be moderating the comments, and want as many points of view to be represented here as possible. The more lively the debate the better, but abusive comments and ‘trolling’ will be barred. A little respect can go a long way. Be careful out there!

But other than that, let the debates commence and let the chips fall where they may. Don’t forget our July/August issue is out now: a special issue on the 1913 Lockout to mark the centenary of said event. So do keep an eye out for it.

And we’ll look forward to hearing from you.

John Gibney


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