Reviewed in The Nation

Published in Features, Issue 6 (November/December 2013), Volume 21

The Nation was quite smitten and reacted politically, as might be expected:

‘We were greatly pleased with Mr Catlin’s tableaux. His collection of dresses and arms is good, and he understands and explains them well. The representation of the dances and huntings, wars &c., was very clever. The impressive monotony of the mystery-man’s music in the enlisting and dying scenes, the wild shriek and the sharp ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh of the warriors was grand. Mr C.’s lectures might contain twice as much matter in the same time. He apologises too much for the Indians. Uncorrupted by the European race, they are gallant, good, and graceful men, an honour to our common humanity. They are true children of the desert, and the story of a Jewish origin or teaching is Mormonism or gammon. Why does not some bold spirit rally and combine them in language and war, and drive back corruption and pale faces ere it be too late? The Red Americans (they are not Indians) must not be allowed to perish.’


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