Winifred M. Letts

Published in 18th–19th - Century History, 20th-century / Contemporary History, Issue 2 (Mar/Apr 2006), Letters, Letters, Volume 14

A chara,

—I am researching the life of the author, poet and playwrightWinifred M. Verschoyle, née Letts (1882–1972). Her two great-nieceshave kindly allowed me access to her papers, but I am sure that manyother people would have their own stories to tell about her. Ms Lettswas a great friend of my late mother’s. Despite having been well knownand widely published in her lifetime, she seems to have disappearedfrom Irish literary history. If any of your readers knew or knew of MsLetts/Mrs Verschoyle, or indeed Mr Verschoyle, I would love to hearfrom them.

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Works of W. M. Letts:
The Story-Spinner (1907); Waste Castle (1907); The Quest of the BlueRose (1910); Bridget of All Work (1909); Diana Dethroned (1909); TheRough Way (1912); Naughty Sophia (1912); The Mighty Army (1912); Songsof Leinster (1913); (with M. F. S. Letts) Helmet and Cowl: Stories ofMonastic and Military Orders (1913); Christina’s Son (1916);Hallow-e’en and Poems of the War (1916); The Spires of Oxford, andOther Poems (1917); Corporal’s Corner (1919); What Happened Then?(1921); More Songs of Leinster (1926); St Patrick the Travelling Man.The Story of his Life and Wanderings (1932); Knockmaroon (1933); Pomona& Co. (1934); Pomona’s Island (1935); and The Gentle Mountain(1938).


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