What happened afterwards?

Published in 20th Century Social Perspectives, Issue 3 (May/Jun 2006), Letters, Letters, Revolutionary Period 1912-23, Volume 14


—I read with interest about those who engineered or took part inthe Easter Rising of 1916 (HI 14.2, March/April 2006) but I would liketo know about the thousands of ordinary people who were affected indifferent ways by the fighting on their doorsteps, the bombing andburning and the loss of livelihood. My great-grandparents had a shop at16 Lower Sackville Street. This shop was completely destroyed, but whathappened afterwards? When were the buildings restored? Was there anoverall plan, or was it up to each individual owner to rebuild? Werethose owners given any compensation? It strikes me that the socialaftermath of the Rising might be an interesting field ofresearch.

—Yours etc.,


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