Ulysses comes home

Published in 20th-century / Contemporary History, Issue 2 (Summer 1997), News, Volume 5

Ulysses the book is coming home. For the first time this century, weare to have a Dublin edition of Joyce’s greatest work, edited by DanisRose and published by Lilliput Press. Readers will be familiar with thecontroversy of a few years ago between Hans Walter Gabler, whopublished his ‘The Corrected Text’ as definitive, and the Bostonscholar, John Kidd, who pointed out its many errors and offered hisalternative version. Danis Rose has a different view. ‘There can neverbe such a thing as a “definitive” or one-alone text of a work such asUlysses: there can only be competing editions.’ He has tried to produce‘a people’s Ulysses—a text which…has been smuggled out of the ivorytower of the academics and put squarely into the marketplace…designedfor the lover of literature. Lilliput is bringing out a limited editionof 1,000 copies (£80), the first hundred of which will be speciallybound, slip-cased and signed by the editor, Danis Rose, with anadditional text by John Banville (£300).

Enquiries: The Lilliput Press, 4 Rosemount Terrace, Arbour Hill, Dublin 7, tel/fax: 6711647.


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