Ulster-American Heritage Symposium

Published in 18th–19th - Century History, 20th-century / Contemporary History, Issue 4 (Winter 1995), News, Volume 3

Papers are invited for the eleventh Ulster-American Heritage Symposium,jointly sponsored by the Ulster-American Folk Park and the Universityof Ulster, to be held at the Ulster-American Folk Park on 8-10 August1996. The symposium will be concerned with all aspects of emigrationfrom Ulster to North America: the religious groups which took part inthe process of migration and settlement itself; regional cultures andeconomies in Scotland, Ireland and North America; the wider political,social and economic background to Ulster-American emigration; andreligion, folklore, music and other aspects of Ulster-Americanheritage. Outlines of proposed papers and a brief CV should besubmitted before 31 January 1996 to John Walsh, Head of MuseumServices, Ulster-American Folk Park, 2 Mellon Road, Castletown, Omagh,County Tyrone BT78 5QY, tel: (01662) 243292, fax: (01662) 242241,e-mail: uafp@iol.ie.


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