The Geoghegan Brothers

Published in Issue 2 (Summer 1999), Letters, Letters, Volume 7

Sir,—Re criticism of my Irish Voices from the Great War in the lastissue (‘Letters’). I am sorry your correspondent was disappointed bythe volume. I am quite prepared to acknowledge that it is possible Iwas misled. But I draw the reader’s attention to my caveat in theintroduction where I gave fair warning that some of the material mightbe inaccurate and that I had done my best to weed out special pleading,mistaken memories, etc.. I don’t think it should detract from theenjoyment of the book for those who were not ‘disappointed’ with it andwho do not have such a detailed knowledge of one particular clan. Itwas very much an incidental anecdote not at all central to the work. AsI have not been given sufficient time to consult my source, I cannotexplain the lapse and will not attempt to justify it. I bow to thesuperior knowledge of your correspondent on the subject of theGeoghegans.—Yours etc.,



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