Published in 20th-century / Contemporary History, Issue 1 (January/February 2014), Personal History, Volume 22

My guardian told me a story about one of his adventures in the boarding house of the school that he used to study. This story is around the 1970s in Galway. He explained me that in this boarding house at lunch time, the cookers always put potatoes in each table of the canteen, the potatoes that were on top were the best ones and the ones on the bottom were horrible. At lunch time the first ones that had the food were the oldest ones and then beside them the other years, so the first years were the last in had their food, which means that they had the worse potatoes. The person, who told me this story, was in that moment 1st year.  One day he was with his best friend wondering how to get the nicer potatoes at lunch time. So he and his best friend escape of their class without permission and they went to the canteen. They were before the bell rang to announce lunch time. They waited under the table until the potatoes were prepared to be served. Nobody was in the canteen so they decided to start eating the potatoes that were on the top. Suddenly a teacher came and saw them eating the potatoes, so she decided to took them up stairs, to the dorms, and with a piece of a carpet she started to hit them on their hands.


Alba Martinez


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