Published in 20th-century / Contemporary History, General, Issue 6 (Nov/Dec 2009), Letters, Letters, Volume 17


—I am delighted to note that you have resisted the, no doubt challenging, temptation to implicate the Orange Order, the Black-and-Tans, General Montgomery, etc. in the removal of the Mass rock from the island of Inishtrahull, Co. Donegal (HI 17.5, Sept./Oct. 2009, ‘Sidelines’). This is a worthy and welcome departure from some recent ‘Sidelines’ sideswipes, which provoke much merriment, no doubt, amongst a select gathering. In fairness, some attempt to rectify the above oversight is evident in the ‘Sidelines’ (once again) snippet about the world’s oldest musical instrument: Neanderthal Man, the flute and the North’s marching season—what a jolly trio and perfect ingredients for a dollop of the old begrudgery, and all stemming from an innocent find in a German cave!
With that moan out of the way and without a trace of begrudgery, I do commend History Ireland for the excellent quality and the inspiring scope of its research, and I can’t survive without a current issue on the desk. To accommodate this interest and as an affirmation of good intent, I enclose the subscription coupon as recommended. You may be surprised to learn that HI is not always available in retail outlets in this backwater, otherwise known as Londonderry/Derry/Daoire Colmcille/Doire Calgach/The Maiden City/Stroke City . . . You can appreciate now why I am sometimes confused!

—Yours etc.,


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