September 05

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  • 1820 Pope Pius VII approved the Irish Christian Brothers, founded by Edmund Ignatius Rice.
  • 1926 Forty-eight lives were lost when fire broke out in a cinema in Drumcollagher, Co. Limerick, during a showing of The Ten Commandments.
  • 1972 Eleven Israeli athletes were killed when the Arab terrorist group Black September struck at the Olympic Games in Munich, two as they slept in their dormitory and the remainder, as hostages, in a failed rescue operation at Munich airport.
  • 1972 At the Munich Olympics, two members of the Israeli team were killed, and nine others taken hostage by Palestinian Black September gunmen. In a failed rescue attempt, all of the hostages were killed along with five of their eight captors.
  • 1847 The Confederate guerilla and legendary bank- and train-robber Jesse James is born in the US state of Missouri.

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