Robert Gregory

Published in 20th-century / Contemporary History, Issue 1 (Spring 2002), Letters, Volume 10

Sir,—I must take issue with some of Adrian Smith’s points about RobertGregory (HI, Winter 2001, ‘Major Robert Gregory and the Irish Air Acesof 1917-18’). Firstly I have to differ, as do others, with his opinionof Gregory, that he ‘was never more than a moderately talented artist’.What evidence does the writer have to support this contention? This isnot a widely held opinion. He attended the Slade Art School and marriedone of his fellow students. He spent time on the West Bank in Parisperfecting his art in the time honoured way. He held a number ofexhibitions in London pre-World War I and I am fortunate to have one ofhis paintings hanging on my wall.
I was quite amazed that there was no mention of Gregory’s dogfightwith the Red Baron. It is now belived that Gregory may have actuallyforced down the Red Baron on an occasion when he crash-landed butsurvived, a feat that no other pilot managed to achieve.

—Yours, etc.,


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