Reasons for the split

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Microsoft Word - Membership card FOIF.docThe escalating tensions that led to this split have been much rehearsed by historians, especially those dealing with de Valera’s prolonged visit to the United States from June 1919 to October 1920. Conflicts took place between the two men on a number of issues, ranging from Irish policy towards the League of Nations to how the FOIF ‘Victory Fund’ should be spent and who should control the bond certificate fund-raising drive for Ireland. Even more specific issues, such as Irish tactics at the Republican convention in 1920, provoked bitter controversy. In June 1920 Cohalan, drawing on his influential political contacts, had persuaded the Republican Party at its Chicago convention to include Irish self-determination in its election platform. Much to his annoyance, however, de Valera’s insistence on a resolution calling for recognition of the Irish Republic led to the abandonment of Cohalan’s proposal.


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