Personal History – Ciara Condren

Published in Personal History

In Castletown, Wexford around the 1960’s I lived on a farm with my ma, da and 7 brothers and sisters. My Dad was a farmer so we lived out in the country. We did a lot of things by ourselves. The boys mainly did all the outside work, the girls worked inside.

I remember when I was ten years old and me and my eight year old brother helped Dad slate the roof. Our job was to carry the old slates down the ladder . When I was following my brother down the ladder all the slates fell out of my hands and on top of him. Since he was holding slates as well his fingers got all sliced up. He had to get stitches. My dad gave me a kick up the arse for being so stupid. The moral of the story is not to carry too many slates at one time.



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