My Mum and Her Siblings.

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Oh, The story’s I could tell you about my mother and her siblings. The things that they would get up to is hilarious. Hmmm, where shall I begin…

The Solid Sweets.

One day my mum, (Annette) and her two sisters, (Gwen, Bernadine) where really bored. They went into the house and tried to look for sweets. They only found a lot of sweetie rappers. And that is where there brain wave began

Now there age would of ranged between 6-13 my Mum being the oldest. So they had a wonderland view on life, with there young minds.

So back out side they went collecting pebbles, thinking this will be great! They lined there ‘sweets’ up on the wall. And started shouting ‘‘get you sweeties, only 50p.’’ and sure enough along came mothers and children and teenagers the works all buying these ‘sweets’ and off they went again

About half an hour later they gave up and went inside with all there hard earned money.

There mother,(my grandmother) knew something was up with there cheeky smiles, and sure enough, only a few minutes later along came neighbours and children banging at the door and ringing the doorbell to complain about, well, broken teeth and the works.

Well my grandmother was mortified, she made them give all the money back and not only that but as punishment she made them all eat a full bowl of her homemade nettle soup for two whole weeks!

The End

Zahra O’Shea


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