More in Maynooth

Published in Issue 2 (Summer 1997), News, News, Volume 5

The next International Thomas More Conference will take place in St Patrick’s College, Maynooth on 9-16 August 1998 on the theme Thomas More in his Time: Renaissance Humanism and Renaissance Law. More was both humanist and lawyer. Papers then may deal with a wide range of humanist topics, while in the domain of law a number of topics suggest themselves—the Renaissance heritage of Roman Law, the two Renaissance schools of its interpreters (Humanists and Glossators), Roman versus regional, civil or canon law, law versus conscience, etc.. The conference will have an Irish dimension—and also a French one given the bicentenary of 1798—suggesting topics such as More and Swift, the possible influence of More on liberal lawyer-statesmen like Edmund Burke and Daniel O’Connell, the Renaissance in Ireland, the Tudors and the Kildare Fitzgeralds, English common law versus the Irish Brehon law, etc.

Enquiries: Prof. Thomas Finan, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, tel: (01) 7083614 or 7083661.


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