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Leaving Certificate Curriculum: Document Case Studies & relevent HI articles




Topic 1: Reform and Reformation in Tudor Ireland, 1494-1558:


The Plantation of Laois/Offaly:


James Lyttleton, ‘Seventeenth-century West Offaly: Accommodating the new realities (Vol. 12.1, Spring 2004)


Michael Quinn, ‘Francis Cosby (1510-80), Stradbally, Queen’s County and the Tudor Conquest of Ireland’ (Vol. 14.5, Sept-Oct 2006)


Women and marriage under Gaelic law


Art Cosgrove, ‘Marriage in medieval Ireland’ (Vol. 2.3, Autumn 1994)


The Bardic Schools:


Marc Caball, ‘Bardic poetry & the analysis of Gaelic mentalities’ (Vol. 2.2, Summer 1994) Can’t find this


Bernadette Cunningham, ‘Irish language sources for Early Modern Ireland’ (Vol. 4.1, Spring 1996).


Patrick Clark, ‘The O’Clery’s: hereditary historians and poets’ (Vol.18.3, May//June 2010) Can’t find this



Topic 2: Rebellion and conquest in Elizabethan Ireland, 1558-1603:


The Lordship of Tír Eoghain:


Hiram Morgan, ‘Gaelic Lordship and Tudor Conquest: Tír Eoghain, 1541-1603’ (Vol. 13.5, Sept/Oct 2005) Can’t find this


Elizabethan Dublin:


Colm Lennon, ‘Dublin’s Great Explosion of 1597’ (Vol. 3.3, Autumn 1995)





Topic 3: Kingdom v. colony: the struggle for mastery in Ireland, 1603-1660:


The Scots migration to Ulster:


Special issue on ‘The Ulster plantation’ (Vol. 17.6, Nov/Dec 2009)




Micheál MacCraith, ‘Printing in the vernacular: the Louvain Project’ (Vol. 15.4, July/Aug 2007)



Topic 4: Establishing a colonial ascendancy, 1660-1715:


Restoration Dublin:


John Gibney, ‘Restoration Dublin in the Ireland of its time, c.1660-1700’ (Vol. 14.3, May/June 2006) Can’t find this


Angus Winchester, ‘Dublin in the 1680s’ (Vol. 15.1, Jan/Feb 2007)



Topic 5: Colony vs. kingdom: tensions in mid-18th century Ireland, 1715-1770:


The Ponsonbys:


Jame Kelly, ‘Henry Flood: the forgotten patriot’ (Vol. 7.1, Spring 1999)  Can’t find this


The Whiteboys:


James Patterson, ‘’Educated Whiteboyism’: the Cork tithe war, 1798-9’ (Vol. 12.4, Winter 2004)



Topic 6: The end of the Irish kingdom and the establishment of the Union, 1770-1815:


The Wexford Rebellion:


Daniel Gahan, ‘The military strategy of the Wexford United Irishmen in 1798’ (Vol. 1.4, Winter 1993)


Daniel Gahan, ‘The Scullabogue massacre 1798’ (Vol. 4.3, Autumn 1996)


The rise of Belfast:


Jonathan Bardon, ‘Belfast at its zenith’ (Vol. 1.4, Winter 1993)


Bill Rolston, ‘’A lying old scoundrel’: Waddell Cunningham & Belfast’s role in the slave trade’ (Vol. 11.1, Spring 2003)


Maynooth College:


Daire Keogh, ‘Maynooth: A Catholic seminary in a Protestant state’ (Vol. 3.3, Autumn 1995)



Topic 1: Ireland and the Union, 1815-1870:


Private responses to famine, 1845-1849:


Christine Kinealy, ‘’The widow’s mite: private relief during the Great Famine’, (Vol. 16.2


Rob Goodbody, ‘Quakers & the Famine’ (Vol. 6.1, Spring 1998)


Peter Grey, ‘The triumph of dogma: ideology and famine relief (Vol. 3.2, Summer 1995)


The campaign for Catholic Emancipation, 1823-1829:

Thomas Bartlett, ‘The Catholic question in the eighteenth century’ (Vol. 1.1, Spring 1993)



Topic 2: Movements for political and social reform, 1870-1914:


The elections of 1886 and 1886: issues and outcomes:

Brian Walker, ‘The 1885 and 1886 general elections in Ireland’ (Vol. 13.6, Nov/Dec 2005)


Dublin 1913: strike and lockout:


Padraig Yeates, ‘The Dublin 1913 Lockout’ (Vol. 9.2, Summer 2001)


Christiaan Corlett, ‘The Church Street disaster, September 1913’ (Vol. 17.2, Mar/Apr 2009)


The GAA to 1891:


Noel Kissane, ‘Drink, Sunday School and the GAA: The use of documents in the teaching of history’ (Vol. 12.3, Autumn 2004)


Tom Hunt, ‘Classless cricket? Westmeath 1880-1905’ (Vol. 12.2, Summer 2004)


Richard McElligott, ‘’Degenearating from sterling Irishmen into contemptible West Britons’: The GAA and rugby in Kerry, 1885-1905’ (Vol. 19.4, July/Aug 2011)



Topic 3; The pursuit of sovereignty and the impact of partition, 1912-1949:


The Treaty negotiations, October-December 1921:


Michael Laffan, ‘The emergence of the ‘Two Irelands’, 1912-25’  (Vol. 12.4, Winter 2004)


Belfast during World War II:


Brian Barton, ‘The Belfast Blitz, April-May 1941’ (Vol. 5.3, Autumn 1997)


The Eucharistic Congress, 1932:

Dermot Keogh, ‘The Catholic Church and the Irish Free State, 1922-32’ (Vol. 2.1, Spring 1994)


Rory O’Dwyer, ‘On show to the world: the Eucharistic Congress, 1932’ (Vol. 15.6, Nov/Dec 2007)



Topic 4: The Irish diaspora, 1840-1966:


Grosse Isle:

Michael Quigley, ‘Grosse Ile: Canada’s island famine memorial’ (Vol. 5.2, Summer 1997)


De Valera in America, June 1919-December 1920:


David B. Franklin, ‘Bigotry in ‘Bama: De Valera’s visit to Birmingham Alabama, April 1920’ (Vol 12.4, Winter 2004)


Michael Doorly, ‘The Friends of Irish Freedom: a case-study in Irish-American nationalism, 1916-21’ (Vol. 16.2, Mar/Apr 2008)


The Holy Host mission to Nigeria, 1945-1966:


Kevin O’Sullivan, ‘’The wind of change’: decolonisation in British West Africa’ (Vol. 14.4, Jul/Aug 2006)


Mary Dempsey, ‘The birth of a mission’ (Vol. 14.4, Jul/Aug 2006)




Topic 5: Politics and society in Northern Ireland, 1949-1993:


The Sunningdale agreement and the power-sharing executive, 1973-1974:

Gordon Gillespie, ‘Sunningdale and the 1974 Ulster Worker’s Council strike’ (Vol. 15.3, May/Jun 2007)



Topic 6: Government, economy and society in the Republic of Ireland, 1949-1989:


The impact of RTÉ 1962-1972:


Robert Savage, ‘’A stranger among us: Edward Roth and the development of Telefís Éireann’ (Vol. 18.2, Mar/Apr 2010)




Topic 2: Religion and power: politics in the later 16th century, 1567-1609:


The Spanish Armada:


Hiram Morgan, ‘Teaching the Armada: an introduction to the Anglo-Spanish War, 1585-1604’ (Vol. 14.5, Sept/Oct 2006)



Topic 3: The eclipse of Old Europe, 1609-1660:


Galileo and the Inquisition


Ernan McMullin, ‘Galileo and Peter Lombard’ (Vol. 15.4, Jul/Aug 2007)



Topic 5: Establishing empires, 1715-1775:


The West Indies slave plantations:


Micheál Ó Siochrú, ‘Shipped for the Barbadoes: Cromwell and Irish migration to the Caribbean’ (Vol. 16.4, Jul/Aug 2008) Can’t find


Nini Rodgers, ‘The Irish and the Atlantic slave trade’ (Vol. 15.3, May/Jun 2007)




Topic 3: Dictatorship and democracy in Europe, 1920-1945:


Stalin’s show trials:


Geoffrey Roberts, ‘Stalin’s victory? The Soviet Union and World II’ (Vol. 16.1, Jan/Feb 2008)


The Nuremberg Rallies:


John Horne.’The origins and nature of Fascism and Nazisim in Europe (Vol. 13.1, Jan/Feb 2005)  Can’t find



Topic 4: Division and realignment in Europe, 1945-1992:


The Hungarian Uprising, 1956:


Terry Cox, ‘Hungary 1956’ (Vol. 14.3, May/Jun 2006) Can’t find



Topic 5: European retreat from empire and the aftermath, 1945-1990:


British withdrawal from India, 1945-1947:


Deirdre McMahon, ‘The 1947 partition of India: Irish parallels’ (Vol. 18.4, Jul/Aug 2010)



Topic 6: The United States and the World, 1945-1989:

The Montgomery bus boycott, 1956:


Quincy Lehr, ‘’We are determined to struggle for justice and equality’: the Civil Rights era in African American history’ (Vol. 15.1, Jan/Feb 2007)

Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam, 1963-1968:


Sandra Scanlon, ‘’That bitch of a war’: Lyndon B. Johnson and Vietnam’ (Vol.16.3, May/June 2008)



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