‘To hash a calves head’

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‘Take your calves head and boyle it very well, take it out when ’tis boyled and let it stand till it be cold, and when it is cold take out the bones and slyce it in very thin slyces, then take a stew pan and put your meat in with some strong broath that is made with a knuckle of veale and a legg of beef till it be boyled to a jelly, then take some of that and putt it into your hash, and stew it very well. Take some beaten cloves and some nutmeg and a small quantity of salt, and season your hash, then take some large oysters and drayn them but a little, then take some good capers and mince them very small, and put them into your hash, then take 2 or 3 yolks of eggs and breake them in white wine, and put them in to your hash, and shake them together till they go to thick and dish them and lay your oysters as you think fitt upon your hash, and a little grated bread and an egg together and so garnish the brims of your dish.’


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