Flags flown in Dublin during the Rising

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Boland’s Mills, green flag with harp; City Hall, tricolour; College of Surgeons, tricolour; Four Courts, a professionally made green flag with a plain gold harp; GPO, tricolour (flown on the Henry Street corner) and green flag with ‘Irish Republic’ in gold (flown on the Prince’s Street corner). The British returned the ‘Irish Republic’ flag to Ireland in 1966 after Padraig Ó Snodaigh, Curator at the National Museum, identified it. In his BMH Witness Statement Robert Walpole claimed that this flag had been made at Fry’s poplin factory, Cork Street, and was painted at Countess Markievicz’s house by Theo Fitzgerald. Imperial Hotel, tricolour and plough-and-stars; Jacob’s, tricolour; Marrowbone Lane, green flag with harp; Mendicity Institute, tricolour with horizontal bands of colour; South Dublin Union, tricolour.


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