Family life

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A genealogy of Dermot O’Mallun’s ancestors, showing (in ascending order) his parents, grandparents and two of his great-grandparents

In family life Dermot was also active and had issue. His seven offspring were named Albert, Francis, Anne-Marie, Maria, Elizabeth, Jeanne and Isabella. By 1631 Albert is being referred to as ‘Dermot’s only son’, so it seems that Francis died between 1622 and 1631, as both had received letters of denizenship in 1622. Albert’s son, also called Dermot after his grandfather, sat in the Patriot Parliament of 1689 under the title Baron Gleanomallun and Courchy, although his name is erroneously spelt as Dermot Malune. Anne-Marie, born in 1612, married Jacques de Quarré, seigneur de la Haye, in 1635 and had issue, while Elizabeth married Étienne Frenel, whose great-great-grandfather had been the treasurer of England before being beheaded in London in 1287 by Edward I. Isabella became a nun of the Order of St Benedict at Arras.


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