Published in Issue 2 (Summer 2004), Letters, Letters, Volume 12

‘The same people living in the same place’?

Readership response to our new design has been very positive, and in this issue we have added quantity to quality with eight extra pages. There was, however, one unfortunate glitch. Many readers of the interview may have been surprised to find that James Maguire is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin—including Professor Maguire himself! He is, of course, a graduate of University College Dublin (UCD). This, along with other errors, was due to an unproofed version of the interview somehow finding its way onto the printed page. Apologies to all concerned. The correct version of the interview can be viewed on the History Ireland web site (www.historyireland.com).
We have also augmented our editorial board. Joining the team are Eamon O’Flaherty (UCD), David Edwards (University College Cork), cartographer Sarah Gearty (Royal Irish Academy), Elma Collins (Institute of Education, Dublin) and Vivian Kelly (Advisor for the Southern Board, Northern Ireland Education Service). The advice and experience of Elma and Vivian, along with current editorial board members Gráinne Henry and Peter Collins, will be of great assistance in putting together our revived curriculum section (Introducing Curriculum Eye, p. 49).

Finally, this issue has a marked Joycean theme. Daniel Mulhall in particular presents us with a picture of ‘Ireland in the age of Ulysses’ and concludes by referring to Leopold Bloom’s insistence that his nation is Ireland because he was born there. It is particularly ironic, therefore, that in the very month in which we will be celebrating the centenary of Bloomsday the electorate is being asked by the government of the Irish Republic to undermine that very republican principle of citizenship.


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