Dr Arthur Barry and Dr Kieran O’Driscoll misidentified

Published in Issue 3 (May/June 2021), Letters, Volume 29

Sir,—I am writing with a minor correction to the article on ‘Symphysiotomy in Ireland, 1944–66’ (HI 20.5, Sept./Oct. 2012). The article included a pair of photos side by side (p. 46), depicting two former masters of the National Maternity Hospital—Dr Arthur Barry (1948–55), who misguidedly promoted the practice of symphysiotomy during and after his tenure, and Dr Kieran O’Driscoll (1963–9), who later oversaw the phasing-out of the procedure. However, the caption mixes them up: Dr Barry (top here, with Dr O’Driscoll above) is actually the man on the right, as can be verified from a photo and caption appearing on p. 4 of the Irish Times of 29 December 1955—the presentation to Dr Barry of a large portrait at the end of his mastership.—Yours etc.,


Having checked the Irish Times photo I am happy to accept the correction. The online version has been amended accordingly.—Ed.



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