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NB: these are the special topics for both history curriculums that have not received any coverage in the magazine:



Leaving Certificate Curriculum: Document Case Studies






Topic 1: Reform and Reformation in Tudor Ireland, 1494-1558:


Women and marriage under Gaelic law



Topic 2: Rebellion and conquest in Elizabethan Ireland, 1558-1603:


Meiler Magrath’s clerical career: n/a



Topic 3: Kingdom v. colony: the struggle for mastery in Ireland, 1603-1660:


The trial of Strafford



Topic 4: Establishing a colonial ascendancy, 1660-1715:


The parliament of 1689


The Jacobite Poets



Topic 5: Colony vs. kingdom: tensions in mid-18th century Ireland, 1715-1770:


The trial of Fr. Sheehy


Topic 1: Ireland and the Union, 1815-1870:


The Synod of Thurles and the Romanisation of the Catholic Church




Topic 5: Politics and society in Northern Ireland, 1949-1993:


The Coleraine University controversy


The Apprentice Boys of Derry



Topic 6: Government, economy and society in the Republic of Ireland, 1949-1989:


The First Programme for Economic Expansion, 1958-1963


Impact of the EEC on fisheries





Topic 1: Europe from Renaissance to Reformation, 1492-1567:


The divorse of Henry VII and Catherine of Aragon


Seville, the port of the New World


Calvin’s Geneva



Topic 2: Religion and power: politics in the later 16th century, 1567-1609:


The decline of the port of Antwerp


The Jesuit mission in Chine



Topic 3: The eclipse of Old Europe, 1609-1660:


The revolt of the Catalans


The Dutch empire in Asia



Topic 4: Europe in the age of Louis XIV, 1660-1715:


The Streltsy


The (English) East India Company


The court of Versaille



Topic 5: Establishing empires, 1715-1775:


The Boston Tea Party, 1773


The Encyclopédie



Topic 6: Empires in revolution, 1775-1815:


The Committee of Public Safety


The growth of Manchester


The Civil Consitution of the Clergy






Topic 1: Nationalism and state formation in Europe, 1815-1871:


The 1848 Revolution in Germany


Robert Owen’s model village at New Lanark


Haussman’s Paris



Topic 2: Nation states and international tensions, 1871-1920:


The naval policy of Wilhelm II


Women in the workforce during World War 1


The invention and early history of the motor car



Topic 3: Dictatorship and democracy in Europe, 1920-1945:


The Jarrow March, October 1936


Topic 4: Division and realignment in Europe, 1945-1992:


The Oil Crisis, 1973


The Second Vatican Council



Topic 5: European retreat from empire and the aftermath, 1945-1990:


The secession of Katanga, 1960-1965


Race relations in France in the 1980s



Topic 6: The United States and the World, 1945-1989:


The Moon landing, 1969


GCE: History (HI 1993-2009)


A2 1: Change over time:


Option 4: Unionism and nationalism in Ireland, 1800-1900:

Nationalism: Cultural perspective

Unionism 1800-1900


A2 2: Historical investigation and interpretation:


Option 3: Ireland, 1775-1800:

The rise and fall of the Volunteers, 1775-1789

The economic successes, 1782-1789


GCSE: History


3.1: Studies in depth:


Option 5: Changing relationships: Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland, 1965-1985:

Northern Ireland in the 1960s and its relations with the Republic of Ireland






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