crossword no. 19

Published in Crossword, Crossword Jan/Feb 2013, General, Issue 1(Jan/Feb 2013), Volume 21


1 Synod in 664 that decreed that the kingdom of Northumbria would follow Roman rather than Celtic ecclesiastical traditions (6).
5 ——— Thomas was executed along with his five uncles at Tyburn in 1537 (6).
10 ———- Hall, New York City political organisation founded in 1786 (7).
11 The ———- Pacts of 1929, signed between the Kingdom of Italy and the Holy See, recognised the full sovereignty of the Holy See in the State of Vatican City (7).
12 George ———, governor of Derry who was killed in the uprising of Cahir O’Doherty in 1608 (6).
15 First name of the only child of Jawaharlal Nehru (6).
16 Robert ———- Childers, Irish nationalist who wrote The riddle of the sands (7).
17 Name of Jason’s ship in the search for the Golden Fleece (4).
18 Units of resistance named after German physicist Georg (4).
19 Civic officer in the local government of Scotland (7).
20 Margaretha Geertruida ‘Margreet’ Zelle, better known as —— Hari (4).
22 It comes after ‘delta’ and before ‘foxtrot’ (4).
25 He penned The town I love so well (7).
27 John of Bavaria laid siege to this Dutch city for two months in 1420 (6).
28 Duchess ——— of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was queen consort of Prussia as the wife of King Frederick William III (6).
31 Sculptor of Oscar Wilde’s tomb in Père Lachaise cemetery, Paris (7).
32 French poet who was a foremost figure of the Decadent movement (7).
33 Trajan ———, Roman emperor who co-ruled with his son Herennius Etruscus until they were both killed in the Battle of Abrittus (6).
34 This admiral married Frances ‘Fanny’ Nisbet in 1787 (6).
2 Sustained RAF bombing, codenamed Operation Gomorrah, targeted this city in 1943 (7).
3 The Ashe Memorial Hall, dedicated to the memory of Irish Volunteer Thomas Ashe, is found in this town (6).
4 Toy used as far back as ancient Greek times and still popular today (2-2).
5 The —— March was an important action in the Indian independence movement (4).
6 Swiss town that gave its name to the blossoming of Celtic culture in the late Iron Age (2, 4).
7 Max ———-, actor, screenwriter and director who formed a theatre troupe in Westerbork concentration camp during World War II (7).
8 Sir Thomas More’s ideal and imaginary island nation (6).
9 The ——— of Tigernach were probably written at Clonmacnoise (6).
13 This 1920 treaty regulated the status of an independent Hungarian state and defined its borders (7).
14 Favoured instrument of George Formby (7).
15 The English essayist and politician Joseph Addison wrote, ‘In the same Manner a Tory, who is the greatest Believer in what is improbable, is the greatest ———- in what is certain’ (7).
20 Robert ———, Irish geophysicist, civil engineer and inventor who is sometimes called the father of seismology (6).
21 This city and port was officially annexed to the Kingdom of Italy in the Treaty of Rapallo in 1920 (7).
23 Site of the St Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929 (7).
24 Native American people and one of the five founding nations of the Iroquois Confederacy (6).
25 K?tip ———, Ottoman scholar regarded as one of the foremost authors of scientific literature in the seventeenth-century Ottoman Empire (6).
26 The Desert Fox (6).
29 Race of beings in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth who closely resemble trees (4).
30 His masterpiece is considered to be St Paul’s Cathedral in London (4).

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