crossword no. 15 by Dermot McGrath

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crossword no. 15 by Dermot McGrath 1Across

1 North Italian monastery founded by Columbanus in AD 614 (6).

5 English hospital notorious for the ill-treatment meted out to the mentally ill in the eighteenth century (6).

10 This bay was the location of the Sea Horse tragedy in 1816 (7).

11 Site of modernised Norman castle in County Meath associated with the Cusack and Plunkett families (7).

12 According to legend, this city was founded by Cecrops (6).

15 A blanket-like cloak with a hole in the centre for the head (6).

16 His sculpture adorns Oscar Wilde’s grave in Père Lachaise, Paris (7).

17 —— Sihtricson, tenth-century Norse-Gael who was king of Northumbria and king of Dublin (4).

18 Bob ——, United States senator who made an unsuccessful bid for the presidency in 1996 (4).

19 James ———-, senator and businessman appointed by Michael Collins to help draft the Irish Free State Constitution (7).

20 Villa d’Este on the shore of this Lombardy lake was home to Caroline of Brunswick, estranged wife of the prince of Wales (4).

22 The film The last king of Scotland chronicles his life (4).

25 Site of early medieval monastery founded c. AD 520 by St Finnian (7).

27 Small village between Ballyvaughan and Doolin in County Clare (6).

28 Early Ottoman ruler who conquered Nicaea and Nicomedia from the Byzantines (6).

31 ———- of Aquitaine, queen-consort of France and later queen of England (7).

32 Battle in 1571, celebrated in a famous poem by G.K. Chesterton (7).

33 ——— Maximus usurped the throne from Gratian and was Western Roman Emperor from AD 383 to 388 (6).

34 Audley ———, lawyer and politician who served as MP for County Tyrone and speaker of the Irish House of Commons from 1661 to 1666 (6).


2 Feargal – ———, lord of Coolavin and patron of the Annals of the Four Masters (1, 6).

3 Francis ———, Cork-born Jesuit priest and photographer who took famous photographs of many of the crew and passengers of the Titanic (6).

4 —— of Novgorod, Varangian prince who ruled the Rus people during the early tenth century (4).

5 Monk and scholar who wrote the Ecclesiastical history of the English people (4).

6 Georges Jacques ———, leading figure of the French Revolution and the first president of the Committee of Public Safety (6).

7 Corsican birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte (7).8 Greek historian, geographer and philosopher famous for his work Geographica (6).

9 ——— Guthrie’s family home in Monaghan became a retreat for creative artists after his death (6).

13 Samuel ———-, Irish architect and spy who died c. 1826 (7).

14 The last Anglo-Saxon archbishop of Canterbury (7).

15 Spanish conquistador who conquered Peru and ordered the execution of Atahualpa, emperor of the Inca Empire (7).

20 Aeneas ———, Irish inventor of the column still for distilling alcohol (6).

21 He spent eighteen years in prison on Robben Island (7).

crossword no. 15 by Dermot McGrath 223 James ———-, Cork-born artist who helped to pictorialise the Great Famine in Ireland (7).

24 ——— of the North, famous documentary film by Robert J. Flaherty chronicling the struggle of the Inuit (6).

25 Ned ———, instrumental figure in the foundation of the Blueshirts (6).

26 John William ———, scientist, chemist, philosopher and photographer, credited with producing the first clear photograph of a female face (6).

29 Greek god of love and son of Aphrodite (4).

30 Field Marshal William —— led the British Burma campaign in World War II (4).


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