Published in Issue 3 (May/June 2021), Letters, Volume 29

In Kieran Rankin’s article on maps of Ireland in caricature (‘When English eyes are satirising’, HI 29.1, Jan./Feb. 2021), in relation to Tom Merry’s map, ‘GEOGRAPHY BEWITCHED’ (p. 23), the last sentence of the second column should have read:


‘It may be, however, that this figure represents a respectable “everyman” that contrasts markedly with the portrayal of a lawless and villainous second figure—a sinister-looking character, trapped below Erin’s [not the hag’s] foot, who is wearing a burglar’s mask …’


The hag’s foot is, in fact, in the buckled shoe to the south-west. A proofing error, not the author’s.—Ed.


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