Come all ye Martins

Published in Issue 2 (Summer 1998), Letters, Letters, Volume 6

Sir,—I have been researching the history of the Martin/Martyn family ofGalway, Ireland for over two years now, detailing as much as ispossible of our nine-hundred year history. The real surprise of my workwas that after some very detailed and painstaking research—neveragain!—I have been able to draw up/revise/up-date over a dozen familypedigrees, most of whom can be traced back to a single Martyn coupleliving in Galway in the mid-1500s; the descendants of the family mustsurely number in the thousands today, and I confess that I have notbeen able to trace all latter-day members of the family.
To this end, I am appealing to any Martin descendants, whether ofthe name or not, who know that their ancestors originated in CountiesGalway, Clare or Mayo, to contact me, detailing as much as is known oftheir family background as is possible. I would be lying if I promisedthat I could connect all of you to the main family tree, but as thereis actually far more genealogical data—both public and private—on thefamily that is commonly known, the odds are at least 50/50. I will bepublishing the fruits of my research in a book, and it is my dream todetail as much as is known on our origins, our history in Galway, andthe lives and careers of the descendants of the family world-wide. Wehave an incredible history, and I want to include as many sides of thestory as is possible. Please get in touch.—Yours etc.,

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