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The rulers of Anghaile were all Uí Fhearghail but their title changed over the years. In 1172 Domnall Ó Fearghail was toisech Conmaicne (a larger area/people than Anghaile). Amhlaibh Ó Fearghail was rí thuisseach muinntire hAnghaile (king/leader of the people of Anghaile) in 1207. Gilla na naom Ó Fearghail was aon rogha thaoisech Erenn (choicest of all taisigh of Ireland) in 1274 and for 30 years held the Cendus chloinne Conmaic mic Ferghussa (leadership of Clann Conmaic mic Ferghussa). Sefraid Ó Fearghail was rí Conmaicne in 1316 and toisech muintire hAngaile in 1318. Other rulers were named as dux muintire hAngaile or taisech na hAngaile.


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