Archbishops of Tuam during the Reformation

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(Those in bold are of the Church of Ireland succession)

1513 Muiris Ó Fithcheallaigh
1514 Tomás Ó Maolalaidh
1536 Christopher Bodkin*
1573 Uilliam Ó Maolalaidh [William Lally]
1580 Nicholas Skerrett
1583 Maol Muire Ó hUiginn
1591 Seamus Ó hÉilí
1595 Fearganainm Ó Domhnalláin** [Nehemiah Donelan]
1609 Uilliam Ó Domhnuill [William Daniel]
1609 Flaithrí Ó Maolchonaire
1629 Randolph Barlow
1630 Maelsechlainn Ó Cadhla
1638 Richard Boyle
1645 John Maxwell
1647 John Burke

*Christopher Bodkin, the son of a former mayor of Galway, was appointed by King Henry VIII with the pope’s approval, though no official papal sanction ever reached Ireland following the king’s break with Rome. Sometime later Bodkin took the Oath of Supremacy. In his stead, Rome proposed a Raphoe native named Arthur Ó Frighil. Following his special commissary of 1565–6, during the reign of Queen Mary, the Jesuit David Woulfe recommended that Bodkin remain in situ. Having spent some time with the latter in Tuam, he believed that Bodkin had taken the oath ‘more from fear than from conviction’.

** There was no papal appointee to Tuam during the tenure of Nehemiah Donelan.


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