Ancient Britons

Published in Issue 2 (Summer 1999), Letters, Letters, Volume 7

Sir,—I am researching the Ancient Britons fencible cavalry’s activitiesin Ireland before, during and after the 1798 Rebellion. Beingparticularly interested in the mythic as well as factual aspects oftheir involvement in 1790s Ireland, I wish to explore just why twocenturies on they still epitomise unchecked brutality and atrocity.That this body of North Welsh cavalry went from the routine duties ofgarrison life in England then Scotland, to arrive in Belfast in April1797 has left few clues to how they evolved into ‘Wynne’s Lambs’. Anyinsights would be useful, certainly no-one has addressed where and howthe black legends of this regiment came into being. I may not shed muchlight on the big issues of 1798, but asking about the Ancient Britonsmay just restore to them their humanity if not their reputations.—Yoursetc.,

Cumbria CA5 3NB


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